Super Leaves!

You guys know I'm always on the look out for safe personal products to use on my family. When Attitude shared their new Super Leaves Collection with us, we were so excited to try it out! Attitude is EWG verified, based in Quebec, and super affordable - basically a unicorn in the safe personal products realm.

We tried their hand soap made with lemon leaves, their body lotion made with olive leaves, and their shampoo and conditioner with orange leaves - and loved them all. Our kids are physical touch junkies (just like their dad!) and love getting lathered up with body lotion after their bath! I always look for the EWG rating on personal care products now, and I love knowing that Attitude is well-rated and verified.

Also, fun fact: I've been trying to get brad to switch to safer body wash and lotion for so long. Even after the kids and I switched out our old brands, he was a tough sell (the man is not a fan of change, let's just say). Well, he loved the Attitude line and I think he's finally convinced! At last!

 Thanks Attitude, for letting us try your great new line and continuing to make incredible products!

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