This year is pretty exciting! Canada is celebrating our 150th birthday, and Montreal is celebrating our 375th birthday! Funny that a city can be hundreds of years older than a country, but that's history for ya. We are a family who travel a lot, and we've spent considerable time traveling abroad as well as months at a time living in the United States, and every time we're in another country I find my Canadian pride swelling. I absolutely love being Canadian. I feel so incredibly lucky to have this citizenship, identity and history.

Are there things I'd change about our country if I could? Of course. I won't get into them here (this isn't a politics blog, but I'd love to chat over a beer if you want to discuss issues), but I'm not naive to think that Canada is a perfect country. But the more I travel and the more I learn of other countries, my conviction grows that there's no other flag I'd rather fly at home or represent abroad.

I love that we welcome refugees. I love that many Canadians speak both English and French. I love that our health care is free. I love that parents are given a full year of maternity or paternity leave. I love that gun violence is truly rare here. I love that most of our grandparents aren't from here. I love our past and I love our future.

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