potty training overnight + the best disposible diapers

We are in the final stretch of diapers in our house! It's hard to believe, but after almost seven years straight of diapering, and often diapering two kids at the same time (and including nights, all three at the same time) we are SO CLOSE to being diaper-free. I can see the finish line, guys. Here's how it went down.

Recently, our youngest has started having dry diapers in the morning, so after a week of dry diapers, we took the plunge and put her to sleep without a diaper. In the morning, she was dry! We celebrated together with french toast for breakfast and brought it up throughout the day. She was also dry the next night! I could taste the freedom. Then the third night, she had an accident and asked for a diaper for the remainder of the night. We acquiesced. The forth night, we were back to square one, and she was dry. I'm holding on to our remaining diapers until we have a full week of dry nights. After that, I'm assuming there will be the odd accident (which is common, even for older kids), but we'll officially be diaper free. DIAPER. FREE. There are so many bitter sweet elements of watching your babies grow up, but I'm not nostalgic about diapers, not one bit. Only high fives and victory dancing over here. But don't talk to me about baby clothes, because I'll cry you a river :)

As you know, we used and loved cloth diapers for many years. Typically we used disposable diapers for nighttime though, so when Chloe potty trained last year, we only had disposable diapers in our home as she was down to one diaper per day, at nighttime. For those who have asked, I've blogged extensively about our cloth diapering journey, so use the search bar on the left to find old articles. And to give you the super quick synopsis: it's worth it, and we used these diapers and this soap to clean them. But I do love disposable diapers. We've always had them on hand for babysitters, when we'd be out all day, for long car rides, and to lend to little friends who might be visiting.

Towards the end of our diapering days, I got to try Attitude diapers, and I'm so glad I did. I've used all the conventional brands (Huggies, Kirkland, Pampers), as well as safer brands like Seventh Generation and Honest Company, and straight up, Attitude diapers were my favourite. First of all, they're the best price.

Here's a breakdown that I thought you'd find helpful:

Cost for size 3 diapers (costs vary depending on the size, so I chose size 3 on a whim)

Attitude - $0.53

The two leading safer brands are $0.58/ diaper and $0.63/ diaper respectively. I always do a cost breakdown when I buy anything, especially something that you need to buy as often as diapers. If you're going the safer route, you will pay more than conventional brands, but these are the best price out there for diapers with worry-free ingredients.

I also loved the simple white design. I don't need a Disney character on my kid's diaper, or a skull and cross bones. I just love a simple white bottom, especially when it's summer and all they wear is a diaper! So cute under dresses, too! They're also simply a great diaper. They hold a lot and they fit well, plus they're fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, and made with safe, recycled materials. I wish I found these earlier in my diapering days, but I'm not sorry that those days are nearing a close! Thankfully we still use wipes all the time, so I'll continue using Attitude wipes for our family. 

FAQ for Overnight Potty Training

When to start? 
Make sure your child's diaper has been dry for several days, if not a full week before giving it a go

Shouldn't they be trained at night when they're trained during the day?
If you're lucky, but no, not typically. Overnight potty training is not about learning a discipline as is daytime potty training. When the child is asleep, their bodily functions are involuntary, so even if they're rock stars during the day, they may need many more months before they're able to last all night without needing to go.

What age should I potty train my child during the day? At night?
It really depends! I would suggest waiting until they're at least age two, but don't expect them to be dry overnight until they're at least age three. We started all of our kids around age three and they all needed several months more before they were dry at night.

Any life hacks to make it easier?
Accidents will happen, so use a mattress protector, or even a few thick towels under the fitted sheet. Sheets are easy enough to clean but the mattress requires more intensive cleaning if it's soiled, so save yourself that headache. We also have this potty in the bedroom so our kids don't have far to go if they feel the urge at night.

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