BBG 1.0 COMPLETE! + all things working out.

You guys. You guyssssssssssssssssssssssss! I finished BBG 1.0! I can't believe I stayed with such an intense workout regimen for 12 weeks straight (totally a testament to the design of the workout plan, not to my own will power or athleticism, I assure you). I'm not afraid to say that I'm pretty darn proud of myself.
Now that working out, particularly strength training (not just cardio, which is what I thought working out was before, lol) is part of my weekly routine, and has been for three straight months, I have some thoughts I'm ready to share.

So why don't I work out at a gym? 

I think most busy moms can appreciate a quality from-home workout, because time is of such limited quantity, but it's more than that. True, the commute to my nearest gym would add about 40 minutes to my workout routine, and some weeks just fitting in my three 28 minute workouts is a stretch, but I also have NO desire to workout at a gym.

Firstly, when I workout, it's MY TIME. Though I sometimes exercise with my kiddos, I do love hammering out an intense work out when I'm totally alone, music blaring, swearing my face off, without an audience. I don't want a bunch of strangers watching me attempt my 15th purpee pushup, because it ain't pretty. I also don't have the capacity to make new friends right now - my social circles are very full - so while the gym can be a great place to meet people, it's the last thing I need. I'm not ashamed of my body or my progress, but I am still a bit self conscious about doing my workouts with people all around me. I think that's pretty normal. An at-home workout is great time to myself without the pressures of anyone watching.

Second, there's the modesty thing. These workouts are no joke. If you do BBG, which is such a genius mix of cardio, strength training, and resistance, you will sweat like you've never sweat. In the dead of winter, when it was -25 outside, I was dripping in a sports bra and leggings. Now that it's spring, I find leggings, capris, and even shorts are at times too much. By summer, I can see myself workout out in a two-piece bathing suit that I wouldn't even wear to the pool, aka a sports bra and underwear. Basically, I'm not comfortable exercising (or just being) in so little when men would be hanging around. I would reconsider this if I had a Women's-Only gym beside my house, for the record.

Third, cash money yo. The YMCA membership is over $50/month, and ours doesn't include childcare like some of the other Y's I've heard of. Working out at home is FREE, like the tap water I guzzle during each workout and the hand weights I inherited. And I'm all about free.

So, what do I like to work out in?

If it's just at home and no one sees me, who cares right? IF ONLY. I've always been effected by what I wear and how I present myself. When I'm feeling sick, I push myself to shower and put on makeup, and I swear I feel better. When I'm working from home, as easy as it would be to put on sweats, I find I'm more productive in clothes I'd wear out than pjs. Call it a placebo, call it materialism, but I feel like working out when I'm wearing cute workout clothes. I have received a few Lulu Lemon pieces over the years as gifts, but the vast majority of my workout clothes are from Old Navy and Fabletics. I'm sure you know all about ON, so I'll just say a quick word about Fabletics. It's a monthly subscription service where you have the opportunity to buy new outfits each month, or you can skip that month (an unlimited amount of times). Their stuff is SO CUTE, and my first outfit was $10 plus shipping because of a deal they had. I also really appreciate that they have models in every shape and size, as well as sizing from xxs to 3x. A lot of research has shown that women are more likely to exercise if they feel confident in how they look, so I'm a fan of how Fabletics carries all sizes and uses models who look like real women. In the spirit of full disclosure, if you sign up for Fabletics through these links, I'll get $10 to spend on workout gear. So thanks if you've done so!

What next now that I'm done BBG?

BBG all over again! I'm doing the exact same 12 week program again starting next week. I've been sick this week and Brad's been traveling a lot so I'm giving myself a break this week, but I'll be back at it to perfect moves and strengthen myself before going to the next level of BBG. I don't use the BBG app for those who have asked. I don't think I'd use it enough to justify the $25/month cost, and I'm not interested in a meal plan anyway (foodies unite!). With the warmer weather, I'll be doing a lot more biking and general outdoors-ness, but also more ice cream eating, so don't worry...balance!


  1. I love to read about your progress. I find your posts about getting in shape inspiring and not all about body image, which is so refreshing.

    1. You are so encouraging! thank you so much for your comments and your e-mail!

  2. Also, congrats on getting your first 12 weeks done, way to go! 🎉

  3. Did you just buy the pdf version of the workouts? Do you have a link to what you bought? I'm interested to try but don't want the monthly fee.

    1. I just follow the pdfs :) You can find them free by searching on google images. A friend gave me her old PDF that she no longer uses. I believe to buy them it's $70 one time.