gifts under 50$ (kids 3-6)

It's Christmas month!!!
Here's my last gift guide for kids, the 3-6 age range. This age group comprises all of my kids right now, so it's definitely on my mind. By three years old, kids can play with smaller pieces and love learning new things. My older two are five and six and they love activities that teach them something and they're able to follow instructions really well. This is a really fun age group to shop for! Here are my top picks:

Clockwise, from the top:

1. For learning their letters, I love this vintage throw back! Fischer-Price school days desk, $29.99
2. Lego City Fun in the Park (Lego + City = two of our favourite things combined!), $49.99
3. Tegu magnetic block set, which would be perfect for roadtrips or flights!, $34.99
4. The Biggest Story by Kevin DeYoung, $20.50
5. If you're into the American Girl/ Our Generation dolls, there are some fun clothing sets like the soccer kit. Highly recommend the Our Generation over AG as they're way more affordable and I like their back stories better :), $19.99
6. Merino wool neck warmer for hours of outdoor play, $22 (save 15% by using this link!)
7. My kids are so jazzed about the new pup, Tracker! Any Paw Patrol figurine is bound to be a hit $9.99
8. This year is really special, because Lily who has started to learn how to read, will be getting her first Bible! We're getting her an ESV leather bound one with large print. I'm so excited for her!, $26.88

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