gifts under $50! (kids 0-3)

These wee ones are so fun around the holidays! I remember Lily's first Christmas - she was only four months old and I was pregnant with Oli already, and she didn't really understand a thing but we had so much fun shopping for her all the same. For kids this age, keep their parents in mind with some well-chosen toys and books that will last for years to come. Here's my picks:

Clockwise from the top:
1. Minimoc moccasins, which are made in Canada (and how cute is the rose gold!?), $45
2. Hape mixer, just like moms!, $33.99
3. Sophie the giraffe, every baby's BFF, $29.99
4. Paris, a book of shapes $8.99
5. Duplo backhoe, for the Lego-lovers in training, $17.95
6. London, a book of opposites, $8.99
7. Hape Take-Along Activity Box, $39.99
8. Vintage toy camera, $21.74

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