traveling with your stroller

We have traveled to a lot of different countries over the last few years, and always with our trusty Uppababy Vista. With the uneven cobblestone streets of Europe, we needed our big-wheeled stroller, even though bringing a little umbrella would have been easier on the plane. And with three mini travelers, it was always helpful having a portable nap-zone so we could be out and about all day long.

Stockholm, Sweden
 But traveling with your stroller poses serious risk which we learned the hard way. On the way to Sweden two years ago, our stroller was TOTALED. As in, it came off the luggage carousal in pieces. In the picture above (Sweden) you can see how the main seat was barely hanging on. Thankfully the airline covered it and offered us a replacement (mom lottery!) but while we were researching, we learned that many airlines don't cover broken strollers, unless they're in protective bags, and even then, not always.

Reykjavik, Iceland
This year we weren't taking any chances. We traveled to Iceland with the Uppababy Vista Safe Travel Bag from Snuggle Bugz, and had so much more piece of mind. You know, as much as one can guard while still flying with three kids under six, haha!

Getting the stroller in the bag was really simple. You remove the wheels and handle bar and it becomes so compact and easy! We even put the stroller in the bag for long car rides now, because it gives so much more room for luggage. With the Travel Safe Bag, the stroller is guaranteed, no matter how rough the airline is, or how little the airline is willing to cover the damage.

A stroller is an investment that you'll have for many years. You'll want to have it with you when you travel, so make sure you keep it safe!

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  1. We LOVE our Uppababy Vista! Especially on a recent trip to California; traveled like a dream! I actually purchased it after reading your triple stroller comparison, a post I often refer friends to.