Because we went camera crazy, here's our final post of rural Iceland (you can see part I HERE and part II HERE, our time at the Blue Lagoon HERE, as well as Reykjavik HERE, if you're just catching up!)

Another day, another water fall! We hiked up to the water fall and then to a small settlement where the first Icelandic Parliament sat.  Like most historic sites, it has a Lutheran church and a few small buildings, and a stunning view.

We were so lucky during the second half of our time in Iceland to have blue skies! The weather was still cold, as it always is in Iceland, but there was very little rain and almost always blue! The first part of our trip was really grey so we were so thankful, especially since the second half was almost entirely outdoors and very weather-dependent!

One day we went out to Vik where there is a protected puffin colony and black sandy beaches. It was so beautiful but crazy windy! Wind is my kryptonite and I was kind of in a bad mood, to be honest! Chloe fell in the icy water and got her feet soaked, which didn't bother her in the slightest but stressed me out! Brad gave her his socks and all was well, but it wasn't my best day. Everyone else loved it though!

One of our last destinations was to Geyser, land of, well, geysers! And hot springs, and more fun things to hike and climb :)

How cute is Oli running from the water!?


Traveling with our kids is always such a bonding experience. The kids have none of their usual distractions - school, activities, even good things like friends and toys. It's just us five and a few minimal things we brought (a small bag of Lego, UNO cards, markers and plain paper). We don't know a soul whenever we're in a new country, and it brings our family so much closer together. We always notice our kid's behaviour change drastically for the better when we go on a trip. It's constant time with both parents and a lot of attention on their hearts. Such a precious time as a family!

Iceland was incredible! Almost yearly, we've been fortunate enough to travel internationally because of free flights (learn more about how Brad figured out that life hack HERE). If you're interested in traveling but think it's too pricey for your budget, you should definitely check out his post! Other ways we save while we're traveling are using Airbnb (use this link to save $40 on your first stay with Airbnb!) and cooking all of our own food. I know it's not for everyone, and a lot of people love eating out when they're on vacation which I can totally appreciate, but this is how we make travel a priority while still having a tight budget.

Thanks for reading along, I know this post was wildly long! Iceland is an absolutely must-visit and we had the best time! xo

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