The title of this post makes it seem as if only certain parts of the country are rural, and honestly, I'd say even parts of the capital city felt rural haha! But outside of Reykjavik, things get really wild. I decided to divide up these posts because when I wrote it all in one big post, there were almost 100 pictures! You can see Reykjavik pictures HERE and all of our pictures and tips about the Blue Lagoon HERE. Ah! Kind of hard not to go camera crazy in a place as gorgeous as Iceland. So stay tuned for the next two parts, coming next week :)

Over half of the roads in Iceland aren't paved (called F roads) and require 4x4 vehicles. It's pretty intense and primitive, which is part of the draw. With our rental car, we'd just wake up, have breakfast, and drive; stopping when we saw something worth exploring.

This travel style ended up being extremely cost-effective and flexible, which we loved. There's just so much bizarre and break-taking beauty in Iceland that we could easily pull over every ten minutes. We would have an end destination in mind (a specific water fall, cave, or lagoon) but the journey was half the fun and in some cases our highlight from the day. Our first day we were driving to a lake which honestly was pretty boring when we arrived, but in getting there we encountered an off-the-map waterfall, which was a huge highlight.


After hiking the water fall we crossed the street to the black pebbly beach and watched seals swimming. We were hoping to see a puffin (and thought we saw one!) but on our search we also came across some really wild finds like crabs, mussles, jelly fish, an animal bone (which we brought home and cleaned and Oli brought to show and tell last week, ha!)

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