three new books

I've got three great books to share with you guys - one that I just finished, another I'm working through, and a third that I just downloaded on my Kobo eReader from my local library and can't wait to dive into.

The book I just finished is Eligible. It's a modern re-telling of Pride and Prejudice with five adult siblings moving back home after their dad has a stroke. Somehow, all five are single to their mother's dismay, but by the end of the book, only one is. It was a page turner, even if I didn't love the reality show twist.

The one I'm working through right now is Jen Wilkin's None Like Him. Every chapter is an attribute of God that we do not share, and why that is a good thing. I tend to focus more on God's attributes that are also human: i.e. his love, his kindness, etc. But what's really amazing about God is that plus the abundance of his character that no human shares - i.e. He is omnipotent, omnipresent, etc. I know studying these attributes will change my prayer life in a big way, and I'm excited! Also, Jen is my fave. I just love her. Her Parenting Talks which I've listened to a gazillion times, and the few times I've spent time with her, I've always been so encouraged.

And the book I just downloaded last night and am so excited to dive into is Modern Lovers by Emma Straub. I'm not sure if the story line will be for me, but with such rave reviews, I had to try it out. It's been said to be Friends meets Almost Famous, which intrigued me!

I'd love to hear what you're reading these days! I started a Book Club this summer and we all read The Nest and it was great (and I had such great questions to ask everyone...) but we never got around to meeting! Not once! I guess us six women are busy ladies, because no dates worked for more than two of the six. Oops!

Also quick update as a few of you asked about the books I brought with me to Iceland:
7 Men by Eric Metaxas was such a great read. People these days need more heroes I think, and this book gave a few great ones. I read half of Fates and Furies before finally deciding I didn't like the characters or the plot line, though it was so well written and I wanted to love it! Brooklyn was charming, but for the first time ever, I think the movie was better (!!)

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  1. Anonymous14.9.16

    I love Jen Wilkin's book : Women of the Word as well. Will sure listen to that Parenting Talks! Thanks Emily! Rachel