the last one

As I mentioned last week, Oli started school in a very last-minute whirl-wind decision and now we have three kids in three different schools. Primarily, Lily and Oli are in full-time school, and Chloe is in a playschool for a couple of mornings each week. She and I are getting heaps of one-on-one time and I'm loooooooving it!

Sometimes I can't help but feel bad for the baby of our family. She got the least of me as a baby, because I was juggling two toddlers. Maybe it's related, but she's by far our most independent and resilient child. A benefit, I guess!? Anyway, it's about time she got some alone time with her folks, and I'm especially loving the extra time together.

This fountain is in a beautiful park near our home that is also home to a monastery and a huge (though I don't think currently functioning) Catholic church. It's so serene and peaceful, and it's been the perfect place to cool off during these early days of September where the weather is more like July.

Next year Clover will start pre-K and be in school Monday-Friday from 9-3, so these lazy days together, exploring our city and stopping to play whenever we find something fun and exciting... I'm enjoying every one.

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