my fav graphic tees ever!

I love a good graphic tee. My mom uniform often involves one tucked into high wasted jeans with the sleeves rolled up ever so. Recently I was wandering around Instagram, as one does, and I stumbled around Mimi & August and I fell in LOVE hard. Would you look at these tees!??!?

The Mama Supporter one is $10 off right now, so I grabbed one. Because we're all on the same team aren't we? But there's few things more divisive than Parenting, so let's just all get this shirt and remember, mk?

Also donuts. Or Beignes, if we're speaking French. I need a t-shirt expressing my undying love for them, and I need it NOW.

Mimi & August has such fun stuff. Their clothing is ethically made, designed here in Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, and affordable. Check out this great local business!

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  1. Such cute stuff, thanks for recommending it!