Chloé is 3!

Our little Chloé Rose, or Clover, as we like to call her, is three today! Girlfriend is so full of joy and energy and everyone in her family claims she's the funniest. 

She has sweet curly locks that get even curly when she has temper tantrums, haha! Though she was a slow talker like her big sis, her speech has come really far in recent months and we're so proud of her.


She spends two mornings a week at a nature-based playschool hunting for snails and getting dirt under her nails, and the rest of the time at home with me. She's crazy tall for her age and has been wearing 4T clothing for months. She loves to help bake (which in her lingo means anything food related), penguins, and the colour blue. 

We love you so much Clover! I can't believe our youngest is now three - officially no babies or toddlers in this home. We are so grateful to have her as our last babe. Nobody will ever put this baby in the corner! Happy Birthday, Clo. xoxo


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  2. Happy birthday Chlover, you sweet girl! It feels like just yesterday I was taking Lily and Oli out for ice cream when she was born. WEEPING.