smoothies in a pinch!

If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen a lot of smoothie pics over the years. We love smoothies!

I used to think smoothies were just fruit and milk, which wasn't too appealing to be honest, but over the years I've fallen for some killer combinations and figured out what goes into a great smoothie. For me, it's using coconut almond milk or vanilla almond milk - dairy tastes odd in a smoothie I find, unless it's got the tang of yogurt. Then I make sure I have something creamy, like peanut butter, frozen banana, avocado or mango (or all of the above). Then I always add greens! I've taken to blending up a whole bag of spinach or a whole head of kale with some water until it's a mulch-y porridge consistency, and then freezing that in ultra-healthy green ice cubes. It's so easy to pop some ice cubes into your smoothie, and takes less time than washing and cutting up greens every morning, and two ice cubes has about a handful of greens!

As much as I love our smoothies for breakfast, snacks, and the odd dinner for the kids (just add some white beans, tofu or greek yogurt and beef it up!), they're not as quick to make as most other breakfast options. If we're in a hurry I love Elixir Smoothies because they have all the good stuff (along with tons of things I would never think to add into my smoothies like spices, spirulina, and matcha) already prepared in a bag, just waiting to be blended!

When Elixir Smoothies asked me if I wanted to check out their flavours, I jumped at it. Their combinations are really cool and it's so easy. I especially loved Boost which paired pineapple, mango, mint, and other goodness. Once you pour the contents into your blender, you can actually pour your liquid of choice into the pouch to measure! One pouch made a smoothie for Brad and I and had left over, too. So I just put more milk and added a banana, and we had smoothies for our whole family.

I love making my own smoothies, but in a pinch, this an amazing option! Especially considering I usually opt for unhealthy food if we are in a rush. The flavours are incredible and it's also a local business. I could go on, but it's breakfast time and I need to make a smoothie!

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