Baie Saint Paul + Alpacas!

This is actually Charlevoix Part III but who turns a three night getaway into three posts?! So I gave it another title. See how I slid under the radar there? Honestly, I was just so camera happy on our trip because everything was SO gorgeous! Charlevoix really took my breath away - the salty sea air (we were right where the St. Lawrence river turns into salt water and becomes the seaway, leading to the Atlantic), the rolling hills (the roads were seriously like a roller coaster), and the cute little towns we passed en route. See?

When we said goodbye to our awesome Airbnb, we vowed that this would be the first of many summer stays by the sea. As I said in my last post, we don't usually spend money when we're traveling aside from getting there (in this case gas money for the four hour drive) and accommodations (our super affordable Airbnb). We buy groceries and stick within our regular grocery budget and do free activities, like exploring the beach. But...

As we were driving home we passed an alpaca farm and I almost died! They wisely put all the babies in the pen closest to the road and I mean how does one keep driving when they see this precious animal!? It's like a lamb and a deer had a baby. We jumped out and paid the $20 admission for our whole family to feed these cuties and wander around the lush backdrop. It was well worth it!

Apparently alpaca wool is really valuable because everything in the gift shop was over $80, haha! But I seriously was so obsessed with these little guys! Which is saying a lot, as I'm known as having a bit of a black heart for animals.

The kids loved the alpacas and it was fun to spontaneously stop and have one last adventure!

Then we headed to Baie St. Paul which was the largest town to us and about 20 minutes driving from our Airbnb. It was a really cute little stop and we basically ate a picnic lunch which we'd packed before leaving, stretched our legs, and grabbed an ice cream cone for the road. It was a great way to end a lovely little getaway!

Like in most places in Quebec, there was an imposing cathedral that is now more or less unused and empty. I always like to go in and have a look - admire the architecture and hope to strike up a conversation with a nun if I can find one. There was no one in this vast church, just many candles lit and a sign saying that it costs $4 to light a candle. I found a Bible and opened it to Matthew 21:11-13 and carried on.

Baie St. Paul is such a cute town! I would love to stay inside the town sometime, though it would mean not being near the water, which was dreamy. But look at this place! It reminded me of Stars Hollow ;)

If you're looking for a picturesque, fun, and affordable getaway and you live anywhere near Montreal, you've got to get yourself to Charlevoix! Can't wait to go back another time!

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