Summer Goals for 2016!

Now that our oldest has been in school for a full year (!!!) the idea of summer has completely morphed from "oh hey, the weather is beautiful", to actually, "FREEDOM!" 

As such, I've got high hopes for this summer. I can't wait to have more quality time with my oldest (more on that later) and to be outside all day long! Here's our summer goals list, because I know September will be here in the blink of an eye!

Oli @ Noble Café, our favourite local café
  • Find new playgrounds (this one is a bit far, but looks insane!)
  • Say yes to corde à danser (jump rope!), which is Lily's favourite thing (and so monotonous to stand there turning all the time, which is why it's a GOAL lol)
  • Rent a cottage with the fam for a weekend away
  • BBQ dinners, fresh salads, fun cocktails, and seasonal fruit pies only! 

  • Attend TGCW in Indianapolis and room with my old friend Sarah (who I haven't seen in four years but who I whatsapp with almost daily)
  • Watch fireworks in Old Port at least once
  • Have family picnics in the park regularly
  • Visit Iceland! More on that later, but yes! We are going in August!

source: A Beautiful Mess
  • Get this hilarious floatie and visit our local pool at least 3x a week!
  • Binge on the Summer Olympics unapologetically 
  • Start a book club with some neighbours
  • Watch baseball! It's not traditionally been our favourite sport to watch, but last year when the Blue Jays went so far, we found ourselves hooked! The kids can easily follow baseball, too, which makes it a fun family activity.
    ps - the tee below is on sale right now at Loyal to Baseball and I'll be wearing it with my Expos cap a lot this summer ;) 

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