let's play! (in the rain!)

The weather in Montreal has been so unpredictable lately! It's so hard to plan anything outside with the kids when I don't know if it will rain or not, and we've been caught in the rain, unprepared, more than once this year. Lesson learned. This Spring I'm teaming up with Altitude Sports to face the wet weather with my little ones.

Rainy days often mean staying inside (read about my top indoor activities for rainy days here), but if the kids had their way, we'd be playing outside every time it rained. In an effort to be more active and adventurous with my crew, I'm trying to say YES to uncomfortable activities that I know are good for them. Playing in the rain is absolutely on that list.

And honestly, it's only me who's inconvenienced by going out in the rain. The kids don't mind getting wet and they absolutely love being outside in any kind of weather. I actually think they'd rather play in the rain than the sun! I have no qualms about saying no to TV but I know the benefits that come from outdoor play (not to mention it tires them out and bedtimes are easier, hello!), so I'm trying to say no less, including on rainy days.

I'm wearing the Swims poncho from Altitude Sports. Swims is a Norwegian company and just like every Scandinavian thing I've ever laid eyes on, I'm obsessed. I also love that this poncho can roll up to fit in my purse or pocket. It's perfect for the days when I don't know if it will rain or not, and we'll definitely bring it along for our travels this summer.

I prefer a poncho to a rain coat because unless I'm caught in a downpour, I don't really love wearing rain coats around town. A poncho can just go over whatever jacket I'm already wearing and keep me perfectly dry. And then back in my pocket when the weather clears up! At first I thought I'd want the white, but after mucking around with my kids in our back alleyway, I was glad I went for the dark blue ;)

My boots are from here.
My poncho is from Altitude Sports.
Kid's coats are years old, but similar here.

This post is in collaboration with Altitude Sports.
All opinions are my own. To book a collab, see here.


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