two-pieces to love!

As I said last week, bikinis aren't really my jam these days. But that doesn't rule out all two-pieces! I truly prefer two-pieces for so many reasons! To name a few:

 - mixing it up with different tops and bottoms
 - ability to buy tops and bottoms in different sizes for a better fit
 - they're way more comfortable!

I love high wasted bottoms, and they're everywhere this Spring! They cover, they support, they flatter. Just yes. Here's a few I love:

L-R: Old Navy, $26.94 / Lime Ricki, $29.50 / Piper & Scoot, $42 / American Eagle, $28.70 / Garage Clothing, $18

With a super high wasted bottom, I'm down with most traditional bikini tops. I tend to prefer the bandeau tops because they cover/support more and are just really cute! I love these:

L-R: Old Navy, $22 / American Eagle, $28.70  / Target, $17.99 / Albion Fit , $88 / Rose Gal, $13 (includes bottoms)

But I also love love love peplum tops! I'll be working to Lime Ricki later this summer and I can't wait to show you the suit I chose from their awesome lineup. I love how feminine and fun these tops are, and how they give the look of a one piece when paired with a high-wasted bottom, but with all the benefits of a two-piece.

L-R: Lime Ricki, $49.50 / Target, $24.99 / Rey Swimwear, $79 / Etsy, $59 (includes bottoms) / Lime Ricki, $49.50

This swimsuit is amazing! I took a chance and ordered it last week, but it hasn't arrived yet. The company has mixed reviews but I'm not expecting the world for $13! I usually have swimsuits altered to fit me better anyway, so if it's not the best fit, that's ok. It's just such a great price, and is everything I would want in a two-piece, so how could I resist?!

OK, those are all my swimsuit thoughts for now ;)

Stay tuned for a giveaway with Lime Ricki in the coming months!


  1. I would be curious to know your feedback about the swimsuit you ordered (size, quality, etc.). Rose Gal seems to have a lot of really cute and modest swimsuits for sale (as well as really NOT modest too). Thank for sharing!

    1. Hi Genevieve! The wuality is so-so (though I wasn't expecting much for the price!) and the back of the bottoms isn't lined (which they mentioned in the description), so I may have a tailor line them, though it's not necessary. The suit is lovely though! I'm very happy with it! The sizing is VERY SMALL. I am usually a medium and I ordered a medium and large, and the medium was definitely too small. Glad I had the large as a back up. My girlfriend who is usually a medium or large was an XL! She felt funny ordering an XL as she never had before, but that's simply the weird sizing of this company.

      haha, I hear you about the less modest options at Rose Gal! They definitely have something for everyone, so regardless of your modesty standard, you'll find a swim suit ;)