Have you heard of the Montreal-based lifestyle brand Stay Home Club? Their designs are witty and ironic and whenever I see someone sporting their goods around town I smile.

I finally bought the original Stay Home Club t-shirt after hankering for it for two years. In hindsight I should have bought it back when I first noticed it, because when my babes were all under age 3 we were truly the Stay Home Club if ever there was one! But I'm a homebody and love my alone time, so it still feels fitting, even thought we're *slightly* more mobile these days.

And how cute are these totes? The messages kill me. Frequent crier! Um, I cry like, every day.

Which brings me to my point... Stay Home Club is having a sweet sample sale TOMORROW! All the info is on this Facebook event page. It's in the Elpro building in St Henri, 3rd floor - buzz 0312 to be let in!

Everything is supposed to be under $15! I'm heading over with my gal pal Rachel and will definitely stop by Leche for a donut afterwards, because the force is just too strong.

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  1. All my plants are dead! Hahaha SO TRUE.