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Hi! My name is Hanna and I blog at hannabecks.com. I am married to Rony and mom to 15 month old Benjamin. I work outside the home and every day looks different for us, but I thought I would share what a day in our little family looks like.


My wake up call comes a lot earlier than I would like, from my toddler who has recently taken to getting up somewhere around 6 every morning. I'll usually go nurse him and put him back down in his crib until we officially start the day around 7am.

I work in Toronto 3 days a week, so my days off are a little slower paced, which is welcomed! Today my thoughtful husband lets me sleep in for 20 minutes or so, and then I hear Benny's little feet running into our room to wake me up for the day. Our family has breakfast together, usually avocado toast and some fruit for Benny and and eggs and veggies or fruit for the grown ups. We only have one car, so after a bit of play time at home we drop Rony off at work so we aren't stranded at home for the day. On the way home we stop at Whole Foods to get a few things that are needed for dinner.


We go home for a bit, put away the groceries and I'll usually make some oatmeal for us to eat. Second breakfast for the win! Lately we've been making apple pie oatmeal from Oh She Glows (Benny is on a high fat diet so I add heavy cream to his portion!!) Benny goes down for a nap, and I use this time to make two quiche: one for a brunch we are hosting tomorrow and one to freeze for dinner on a day that I work.

After they are in the oven, I sit down with a cup of tea and watch part of an episode of Broadchurch. I am a huge fan of British crime shows, and this one is fantastic.

We moved recently, so after his nap and lunch, Benny and I spend the early afternoon exploring our new neighbourhood. We check out the park and go for a nice long walk.


A few hours later Benny goes down for nap number two and I spend this time reading. I'm going through Mark and Revelation and am reading The Pursuit of Holiness with my small group. It's a phenomenal book and I highly recommend it. Benny wakes up, so I grab him and feed him a snack and then we head off to pick up Rony from work.

When we get home, Rony takes Benny inside and I head off for a run. I crave physical activity and appreciate the fresh air and alone time. Once I'm back, Benny eats his dinner and Rony and I snack on veggies at the table with him. Rony's brother pops by to pick something up so we chat for a bit while I start to make our dinner.

We put Benny down for the night and take dinner out of the oven - tonight is our date night in, so it's homemade pizza and salad. We don't normally eat this way so we savour every single bite when we treat ourselves!


We spend the evening catching up, watching a movie on Netflix and reading. Fridays are my favourite, and my heart is full.

Thanks Hannah!
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