Mother's Day + Gift Ideas!

Even though I am a mother now, I always forget Mother's Day. Sorry mom!! Holidays without decorations are the hardest to remember. I mean, no lights or pumpkins or pastel eggs to remind me something big is about to happen means I'll likely forget in the fog of life. So here you are, if you're anything like me... a reminder. Sunday, May 8 is Mother's Day!

We don't usually do gifts for these kinds of holidays (Fathers Day, Valentine's Day, too) but if you're a gift-giver and looking for some ideas, I've got some!

For the woman who gave you life and likely had a lot to do with who you are today...

The best gift my mom ever gave me was my confidence. She helped me get through a terrible two-year season of being bullied, she encouraged me to try out for sports I never thought I'd like (and ended up excelling at), and she always made me feel beautiful, even when I was a head taller than all the boys in my class and felt like an ugly duckling. A lot of tall girls struggle with confidence (which is hilarious because people tell me we tall girls are intimidating!), and my mom made sure I wasn't one of them. I even ended up marrying a man a liiiiiiittle bit shorter than me! Thank you, Mom :)

1. Pretty Floral Print - (Indigo, 50% off!! $12.50)
2. Smitten Kitchen Cookbook (Amazon, $25)
3. Handmade Lemon Grass Soap (Carriage 44, $8.50) 
4. Missional Motherhood (Amazon, $14)
5. Le Creuset French Oven (Hudson's Bay, $100 off!, $300)
6. A Cool Map Of Her Hometown (Etsy, $6.50)
7. Soy Candle (Well, $16)
8. Fun Tea Cup (Kate Spade New York, $60)


  1. Anonymous22.4.16

    Thanks for the ideas, and reminder...do you have any book ideas? Would you recommend any novels you have read recently? THanks! Neisha

    1. Thanks! if you look a few posts back I list all the books I've read since Christmas! Right now I'm reading The Goldfinch and loving it!