HUGE Uppababy sale!!

Last month I did a comparison of the top three strollers than can convert to accommodate three kids, 'cause well, that's a necessity in my books. While the results can be left up to interpretation, my conclusion was that Uppababy wins, every time. I love love love my stroller!

Well.ca is hosting a HUGE Uppababy sale this week, and every single Uppababy item is 15% off. This is significant, because it tips the scales from buying to buying new, for me. I buy a lot of baby gear second hand because often you can get great quality stuff (especially the higher end brands) still in good shape for 50% of the price new. But sometimes, you can actually find never used items at around 15+% off the new price, say, if someone was gifted doubles at a baby shower, or what have you. Our first Uppababy Vista was bought this way - never used and still in the box, but from Kijiji at 15% off, and let me tell you these brands almost never go on sale in stores!

The best reason to buy a high end baby stroller, car seat, etc, is that the resale value will be very high. We sell everything when we're finished with it! So if you can get high end baby gear on sale, new, it's your best bet, because you'll make a lot when you sell it years from now. Lower end brands usually don't have much of a resale market so you save up front, but won't get anything for it later, and in the meantime you have an inferior product for not much less.

Anyway, hit up this sale! I love our Uppababy Vista, but have also been thinking about a light weight stroller lately (now that it's mostly just Chloe that I cart around) and love their G-Luxe umbrella stroller. And I'm definitely planning to bring the Travel Safe bag when we fly next, after an airline destroyed our stroller last summer!

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