Happy Monday everyone!

Not traditionally the most popular day, but I have to say as a Pastor's wive, it's the best day of the week! I'll be café-ing, reading, and dancing with my fam today after a very busy weekend. And later this week the kids are I are going back to Ontario (I know, we were JUST there) to visit my friend Vanessa and her four boys (seriously the loveliest boys I've ever met...totally praying my daughters marry two of them LOL), and most importantly my new baby niece Addison Cameron. SWOON.
Anyway, enjoy the links!

  • This was an interesting read. Looks like the odds are against us because we didn't date for long, but for us because our wedding was cheap, haha!
  • This bathing suit top (♥)
  • Morgan shared this new beauty tip (combine this and this for glowing skin) and I'm all over it!
  • Totally going to make this Valentine's Day themed snack mix!
Have a great week!

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