off to Toronto!

This weekend I'm off to Toronto for my sister's baby shower and to visit with my BFF Morgan. Dancing girl emoji, do your thing!

I'm so so excited! My parents got me a train ticket for Christmas, so I'll be taking the train into Toronto, visiting with one of my oldest friends for lunch, then heading to Niagara for the baby shower. After the shower I'm spending the night with Morgan downtown and eating our hearts our all day Monday. It's going to be a festival of gourmet junk food. Basically my dream come true! Bradford will have the kids for the weekend, and I swear if I hear another person state in utter shock "how will he handle all three for the whole weekend!?" I might go nuts. He's their father, and a darn good one. He'll be aight ;)

While I'm on the train I'll be reading up a storm, BECAUSE I CAN. Glory. I'm finishing up All The Light We Cannot See and it's so heavy but intensely beautiful. I think I'll finish the book before my return trip home, so I just downloaded Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (And Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling, for something completely opposite and light! It looks like a witty, fun read. I'll let you know how it is!

I'll be sharing loads on Instagram this weekend, so if you're up for food pics, me kissing pregnant bellies, and the like, stay tuned ;)

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