• So I found our that a blog in Estonia (Kodu, which means home, google translate tells me) has featured our kid's shared bedroom. Surreal. I suddenly had thousands of new page views from Europe and was curious where they came from. Now I know! So to my Estonian readers, Aitäh (thanks)! 
  • I really want to visit this exhibition on Sleep at the Montreal Science Centre!
  • Yikes. Scented products. I love scented products! This article on the dangers has me thinking. 
  • This was a great article about what it means to be a neighbor. 
credit: TGC
  • Fascinating article on children's development + success.
    "kids who are praised for being smart fixate on performance, shying away from taking risks and meeting potential failure. Kids who are praised for their efforts try harder and persist with tasks longer.... It seems the growth mindset has run amok. Kids are being offered empty praise for just trying." 
  • How jazz music teaches us to trust God.
  • I made this incredible soup last week. Roasted butter nut squash + poached salmon + kale + coconut milk + jalapenos = all the flavors!
  • We used to have a rug in our kitchen but I found it got too dirty all the time. But this gorgeous kitchen (and equally gorgeous rug!) have me reconsidering.  
credit: A Lovely Lark
credit: Mtl Blog

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