Lawrence + Boucherie Lawrence

Right nearby is one of the most beloved brunch spots in Le Plateau. Lawrence is a celebrated restaurant for lunch and dinner too, but their brunch is brilliant. My favourite part was probably their fresh, hot donut balls that are filled with warm custard. Lemon, vanilla, or chocolate custard, to be exact, and no, you will have no regrets.

Eating at Lawrence is definitely a buck list kind of event, especially if you've got young kids. The restaurant isn't kid friendly in the least (stairs to enter, packed with people, no space for a stroller or high chair, very loud, small bathrooms), and Saturday or Sunday mornings are a difficult time to find a sitter (beloved brunch hour, I miss you!). But it is so so so worth doing! We went last year with some other elders from our church and has a lovely time together.

But right next door to Lawrence is Boucherie Lawrence. A completely different endeavor, but also more kid-friendly and approachable. Boucherie Lawrence is open all week and sells high quality meat, ethically raised here in Quebec.

There are stairs to enter, but otherwise it's an open, airy, laid back atmosphere and there's always tons of space. Most people are just coming to buy some meat and then leave, but we love to go for the occasional sandwich, and yes their donut balls are available there as well!

The Banh Mi sandwich. You will die. Too delicious. 

The donut balls. Get every flavor. Vanilla +  lemon are my tops. 

The deli-style sandwiches are absolutely delicious and super filling, and are all under $10. They're not much more that a basic Subway sandwich but worlds apart in every category you can imagine. Highly recommend!

I usually get the kids a donut ball if we're in the neighborhood. They're only $1.50 each and mind-blowing. If we are going for something more substantial, I'll get them a ham sandwich to split three ways. It's the sandwich that costs the least, is still amazing, and there are often leftovers!

Hope to see you there!
Boucherie Lawrence
5237 St-Laurent

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