HAPPY NEW YEAR! + mélange

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!

I love the hope and promise of a new year. These links are all from last year (or last week, ha!), but I loved them enough to share. We celebrated with some neighbours and our kids at a family party until around 8pm using a sled as our transportation, and were in bed before midnight... #parentlife
 How was your NYE?

  • fancy lego!
  • the best play kitchens
  • I'm thinking of ditching parchment paper this year and getting these instead. I go through A LOT of parchment, so it might be worth it!
  • when I was young, each year we'd go to Florida for two weeks and my sister and I would journal every day we were away. This post reminded me of how wonderful journalling is for kids!
  • Also these journals would be perfect for littles!

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