a morning in Villeray

Three mornings a week, it's just Clover and I. Oli has pre-school until 1pm, so I usually aim to do something out of the house with my youngest.


When you're used to having three under foot, one kiddo at home is so easy! And leaving the house is so fast! But this is a sweet and short season. In January, Chloe will start at the same pre-school as Oli two mornings a week. I can't believe I just typed that! I'll have two mornings (SIX WHOLE HOURS!) utterly to myself. For ministry, for house work, and maybe even for writing. And this little one and I will be down to one morning a week, just us two. So I'm soaking up these times and these outings together.

With the Indie Coffee Passport, going out to local cafes is such an adventure (and way more affordable!). You pay $30 upfront, and get a latte (usually $5) at 30 different cafes around the city. I don't always use up every stamp, but you only need to visit more than 6 to make it worth your while, and I'm over half way through mine!

On this lovely morning we ventured north of Le Plateau up to Villeray, to Cafe Larue et Fils. What a quaint spot! Cafe Larue et Fils was packed! On a random Tuesday morning. I love that. People seemed to know one another, and the baristas warmly chatted with everyone - regulars or first timers like us.

Villeray is more residential than our hood, but still has local commerce and a growing third wave coffee and bar scene. Close to Marché Jean-Talon and Little Italy, it has a very warm, neighborly vibe. And painted sidewalks! Instant love.

Like most Montreal neighborhoods, there are a few enormous churches that are the centre of the community. Though these churches are no longer flourishing like in the old days, architecturally speaking they're still central. Parks, schools, and daycares, local coffee shops, businesses, and markets. It's a beautiful picture, even on a cloudy December day. Thanks for the lovely morning, Villeray!

I can't wait to get Chloe a penguin backpack, because she is so in love with them!