I'm trying to clear out all of my "save for later" posts on Feedly but there are just SO MANY. I love the internet, plain and simple. Anyway, I hope you're enjoying your Thanksgiving Monday. Moms be like "what day off?", but at least there's pumpkin pie :)

I definitely want to try these DIY light fixtures. They look so much like the WAY more expensive versions!

Talking to your kids about death.

This whole house is, just, wow.

c/o Apartment Therapy

Do you do meal planning? I've thought about it but it feels too rigid. Here's a cool template to shake things up. Might try!

I dream of an all-white house but I'm so stressed about choosing the wrong shade of white! How not to.

I appreciated these 5 strategies to raising pastor's kids who love the church.

Dessert crush: Green tea and white chocolate tiramisu! What the what!

c/o A Beautiful Mess
 Every parent I know laments that they have too many toys, or that their kids rarely play with the toys they have. Here's 10 toys every kid should have. Hint: they're simple and timeless and you can throw the rest away!

ps - 10 tips for toys in condos

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