journée pedagogue!

Today Lily had a journée pedagogue (professional development day for the teachers = no school for the kids) and it coincided with one of Oli's mornings at pre-school so it was girl's day! I have missed girl's days since Lily's started school so it was so sweet!

We woke up to rain. Not the best start! Also, we had to get Oli to school and Brad needed the car for a meeting. So on came the rain pants, rubber boots, and layers and off we went.

We stopped at our favourite neighbourhood café, Café Noble and the girl's split a croissant. Then onward for some urban exploring. Loved seeing Café Noble supporting the Jays!

The day started grey and bleak and my tasks ahead of me seemed daunting. Aren't so many days that way? Three kids in the stroller, in the rain? But it turned out to be a great morning together, thanks to dressing appropriate for the weather, and of course God's grace.

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