hashtag game strong

Every year we make a family photo album. Though we have a "nice camera" I'm increasingly using my iphone exclusively, and often adding pictures that I've edited on Instagram instead of the originals. But scrolling through Instagram to find pictures takes a while, and I tend to overgram (sorry not sorry!), so I've started using hashtags to organize.

For our home, #ournestinthecity

For me and the hubs, #thisisemilyandbrad

for our fam, #morricefamilyselfie

and for the meatballs, #themorricethree

It's fun to look back at the collections the hashtags produce. I also use hashtags for pairs of our kids (#lilyandolivier #chloverandoli #cholverandlily), but I had to get a bit creative because I'm not the first mom to do this, nor the first mom with kid's named Chloe, Lily, and Olivier!

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