when you have 24 kid-free hours with your love

Earlier this summer my parents took our older two camping at a nearby provincial park. Which left us with just one little one and feeling light. One of the nights the kids were away our sweet friends Pierre-Louis and Audrey kept Chloe for the whole night! They have a baby around her age, so they basically had twins for the day/night. What a gift!! From 11am Wednesday -11am Thursday we were kid-free in Montreal. What did we do?

Oh nothing... just pack in two months or more worth of date activities in one amazing day.

We took bixi bikes from our home in the Plateau down to Old Port, played tourist in our awesome city, stopped for smoothie Popsicles, biked over to St-Henri for a pint on the St-Ambroise patio (B had the scotch ale and I the apricot, like always), biked along the Lachine Canal, back to Old Port for an incredible dinner at Le Bremner, then to Jacque-Cartier bridge to watch fireworks, then biked home (up hill like woah!) to an empty house. ALL THE HEART EYE EMOJIS. What a great day.

After this wonderful experience I think we are more sold than ever on date-DAYS instead of date nights. As blessed as we are to have dear friends who often offer to babysit in the evenings, I'm usually not at my best from 8-11pm. I'm usually exhausted from a long day with the kids, and know I need to be up at 6am the next morning. As soon as the kids are down, it's a rush to get ready to go out, and even then we only have 2-3 hours before we need to call it a night.

Date nights are better than no alone time with my hubs, of course, but I think we saw a glimpse of a better way this summer. I'd rather skip two or three date nights, and then coordinate those same babysitters to all come one after the next for a full day alone with Brad. Or better yet, find a couple who is also in need of a date day and trade off watching their kids for a full day (or even night!).  During the day we felt so much more alive! Brad worked on Monday (his typical day off) so we could have the Wednesday together. We had no where to be, no one who needed us, and nothing set in stone except dinner reservations. I can't tell you how freeing it felt biking downhill racing side by side with the love of my life, with nothing hindering us. Date dates forever!

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