best coffee for one.

My husband doesn't drink coffee.
I know, it's hard. Thank you for your sympathy.

Over the years we have had several coffee makers, ranging from expensive latte machines (a wedding gift), to cheapo drip coffee makers, and none have been awesome. And since I'm only ever making coffee for one, it's hard to get a great cup. Even with my french press, I find it tastes better when I make a larger batch, say, if I have friends over (or it's just a 3 coffee day, which happens).

Recently we were in Quebec City and I stopped into a cafe there and had the most delicious cup of coffee. Truly, no exaggerations. I'm a milk and sugar girl, and I drank it BLACK. it was that good.

It was made with the Clever coffee maker, which is for a single serving of filtered coffee. It's supposed to be a combination of the aero press and the french press. It's only $20 or so, and it is incredible! Check it out!

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