2013 Christmas Card

Every year I waffle over whether or not to send a Christmas card. It's a lot of work to send them, not to mention getting a half decent picture of the whole famjam together. This year since we added a new member, sending out a Christmas card was a definite. Especially since we stopped sending out birth announcements after our first child. Thankfully my friend Morgan was willing to take some pictures of us there other day at one of our favourite nearby cafes. I have a whole other post set aside for describing the stresses, appearing idols, and utter chaos of that day, don't worry. But the important thing is we have a generous and lovely friend and finally, we have family pictures that are worthy of a holiday card.

I played around at picmonkey.com and made these three potentials. We decided on the final one :)

Are you sending out holiday cards? I totally considered sending HAPPY NEW YEAR cards just because I was running late on Christmas. Ha! Such is my life these days :-)


  1. We're doing it! I know a bunch of people that keep them on file (I'm one of those people) and after 2 or 3 years it's kind of fun to look back and see how a family has changed! It's one of those non-negotiable Christmas costs for us :)

  2. umm...the shakers would like all the pictures so that they can put up pictures in EVERY ROOM!! gimme!!

  3. Writing New Year Cards maintains a comforting ritual. Sometimes a New Year Card suffices instead of a visit. You don’t want to disappoint friends and family who are expecting your New Year Card. You’ll feel guilty if you don’t. Log on to PostMyGreetings to create one Now!


  4. Hi Emily!
    Quick question - where do you have your cards printed once you've made them on picmonkey? Do you use a website?


  5. Beautiful pics! Well-chosen urban location :-)

  6. neisha16.12.13

    thank you so much for recommending picmonkey...it's just what i needed. maybe my christmas cards will get sent out this year.:)