let's get cozy.

November has been lovely so far. Usually October is my hands down favourite month, but this past October I had a two week old baby, so I didn't enjoy it as I usually do because I wasn't able to do the things that make October so amazing (being outside in the PERFECT weather, wearing my favourite Fall clothes, baking my favourite foods, pumpkin carving and seed roasting, apple picking, yada yada yada). It's crazy how many things you're unable to do with a newborn, nursing baby. Alas, November is so the new black. Er, October. Er, both.

Favourites of the month so far have been all things COZY. Hot drinks, warm baked goods, comfort food, slippers 24/7, sweaters, cuddling, blankets, fire, candles. November, I'm in love.

1. We have our fireplace on most days, but never for more than 15 minutes because it gets toasty super fast. A gas fireplace is officially on our non-negotiable list for our next house. Montreal winters are no joke and this baby is so dreamy.

2. Lily and Oli are decked out in parkas every day (except today, which was oddly +10!) and they're SO cute. I bought their coats this year at Gap Kids when they had a deal going that if you bought 4 items or more, you got 40% off. I bought Oli's coat, Lily's coat, and Lily's snow pants (plus a few other sizes in each item). I love Lily's coat so much I'm buying it in the next two sizes up for the next two winters (next time it goes on sale)! If you didn't know already, The Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic all have free shipping and returns when you spend over $50! So you can order $51 of stuff and send everything back if nothing works for you. Free of charge. And if your order doesn't equal $50, just throw some extra stuff in there and send it back for free, just to make sure you get free shipping ;)

3. Speaking of Old Navy, that store is my jam lately. Mainly because I'm in that in-between postpartum stage where only some of my old clothes fit and none of my maternity things do. Plus I've been pregnant for 3 of the last 4 years so my wardrobe needs an update stat, except I don't want to spend a lot of money since I don't know what size I'll be next month (and I'm cheap forever!). This heart and soul sweater is so cozy and I'm obsessed with it. It was $8.99 plus 30% off! I think it came to under $8 with taxes and everything. I got it in a large (I'm usually a medium and even sometimes a small) because it was the only size they had but I'm glad I did. I love how it fits, all slouchy and snugly. Besides, Lily has the same one in navy blue so I just had to buy it, no matter the size. Twinsies!

4. I made marshmallows! Home made! And then I put them in my coffee because I don't have enough cavities. But they were the best in s'mores form. That's a whole 'nother post though :)

How's your November so far?


  1. Anonymous20.11.13

    Please do tell how you made the marshmallows. I've been wanting to make my own without all the junk in them when you buy them. Thanks!

  2. Same here for the in between clothes size postpartum. But Villades des valeurs an an other thrift store is even more in my prices. God blessed me with some good finds for not a lot. I'm in the cheap club too ! I like Old navy but no one near my house : ( !

    1. Online shopping Vénusia! Gratuit livraison après $50 et gratuit retourner aussi!

  3. Gap has 40% today! I LOVE Lily's coat. But can't find it on their website. What is the name of her coat? Maybe Ontario has different product? :(