"how are Lily and Oli doing?"

A question I get very often since Chloé's birth. So far, the answer is simple: wonderful!

Oli's a little busy right now...

The kids really love their baby sister and have taken to her so easily. Oli especially seems to have a special love for her. He kisses her non stop. This week we were trying to get his socks on before day care and he was refusing. He said he'd only let Chloé put them on! Lily also loves her a ton but shows it differently - she loves caring for her. Lily helps me change her diapers and clothes and gets a thrill from fetching me things I need from Chloé's crib (wipes, burp cloths, etc). She recently learned how to burp Chloé and hasn't stopped asking if she can do it.

I try to say yes as much as I can to their requests relating to Chloé to help their bond grow quickly. It was particularly hard at the start when I was exclusively breastfeeding around the clock and having difficulties doing so, because I needed to do that away from the kids. Several days passed where I only said a handful of words to each of them. It was emphatically not how I want to parent and I hated it. Now we're doing a combo of breastfeeding, pumping + bottle feeding + formula, and it's the balance I've desperately needed. The kids get my attention and instruction, they get time with Chloé, Chloé gets breast milk and has a full tummy after every feed. Everyone wins!

After a rough initial 10 days, we hit our groove around the 2 week mark and I'd say our family is thriving. If you recall, Lily did not take to Oli in the same way, so we're particularly thankful :)

Happy Friday, friends!

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