a day in HER life wrap up

I hope you all enjoyed the glimpses my guest bloggers offered these past few weeks as much as I did. From the beginning, my heart in this guest-post series was to show and remind us that there is no perfect, there is no standard, there is no normal. Everyone's day will look unique and our own days will shift and change depending on the season we're in. And that's all GOOD.

I know personally I can get caught up in thinking I should be doing more personally or with my kids or around the home, and most of that stems from the root of comparison. Of course here there may be the temptation for you to compare too, but I so hope that's not the end result. My prayer for this series was that it would do the opposite - show us how vast the possibilities are! How diverse a woman's day can be and how beautiful each one is! Whether it's in the adventure of international travel, the mundane of laundry and car pooling, the joy of time with loved ones, the satisfaction of working hard and accomplishing goals, our days are from the Lord and they're a gift.

You can read all of the guest posts by clicking the "day in HER life" button on my sidebar, or following this link. In case you missed any of the guest bloggers, here's a list of who posted and their personal blogs if you'd like to keep up with them further:

Sarah from This City Life
Tracy from Just a Trace
Rhonda from Never Static
Brianna from Tea with Bri
Morgan from Me and My House
Brit from Mike + Brit

This is the day that the Lord has made; 
let us rejoice and be glad in it
[psalm 118:24]


  1. Anonymous8.6.13

    Em, my blog is "Time", not "Day." ;)

    Loved being part of this and reading about great women, doing their thang!

    1. woops! fixed that! I was thinking of the series title "day in HER life" when I wrote your blog title, I guess! xo

  2. aw this is so good Emily! I also struggle sometimes with comparing my day to others, esp. other moms. But we are all wired differently (you and I both seem similar in how we structure our days, valuing "mom" time and encouraging independent play!) I also just need to admit to myself that the "baby stage" is not my favourite. I look forward to the day when I can talk to my daughter and do crafts and colouring...running around on my hands and knees and playing peek a boo just isn't my favourite thing to do. But I still do it, just maybe not as much as someone who LOVES the baby stage!