Hello! It feels like it's been a while. Brad and I snuck away to a conference and fund-raising trip for the church over the weekend and I've had a hard time adjusting back to blogging and other life stuff. Not a bad thing at all - we've actually been enjoying the warmer weather a lot and not indoors a whole lot - but I miss the good ol' blog, so here I am again :) Check out the awesomeness of the Internet this week:
  • Dear, Mint. I could write you a love song! I'm planting herbs from scratch (read: the seeds) as I type this, and Mint was one of the first and most obvious choices for me when choosing which herbs. Check out all the glorious uses!
  • What a gorgeous maternity photo shoot! Pure class.
  • I love zucchini and tarragon and I think this soup would be so delicious. Perfect for Brad and I right now since we're on an essentially-all-veggie/fruit diet for the next couple days. We're detoxing hard after 4 days of eating takeout and unhealthy grub.

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