i LOVE daycare.

Remember the first day we sent Lily off to daycare? Our hearts hurt and it was a weird day. But then we picked her up, and she was the happiest little thing, excited to show me the toys she plays with there and we received glowing reports from her teacher. And our hearts softened. And then we learned of elaborate lunch menus and saw that her teacher gave her a pair of slippers upon picking her up because "Lily seemed cold" and we officially fell in love.

Daycare is the bomb.

Lily loves it. They love her. Oli loves it (even if he doesn't realize why he's getting all this free time with their shared toys and Mamabear). We love it hard.

The first week she was there I was still battling with a bit of Mommy Guilt even though I was quickly learning how wonderful it was for our little one. Part of the way I justified sending Lily to daycare in my mind (apart from all the great benefits to her) was that I imagined I'd be pregnant and dealing with extreme fatigue and crippling nausea and that the break would be needed for me and only fair to them. Except I'm healthy as a horse. So I just have all this extra time and my life just got a lot easier. And then the "what right do you have to send Lily to daycare?" thoughts started creeping in slowly again. I hate those thoughts but they're so hard to combat when you're in it.

But then I took a step back and saw everything I was doing with just Oli that I would usually be doing with both of my kiddos. He and I have never really had one-on-one time. When he was born Lily had just begun to walk and was into E V E R Y T H I N G. She was a handful, to say the least. Once she was out of that phase, she leaped into the toddler tantrum phase with full speed. That was a short but very challenging season, and again, Oli didn't get the centre stage focus of our attention. And things have eased up with Lily significantly and the last several months I've just been thoroughly enjoying them both, but it was always both. Never just one at a time. Which is life with many kids, right? A life we better get used to as we dream of having four kids one day. But still. That one-on-one time with your kids is so precious. And daycare gave Oli and I that.

Oli and I have gone on some great walks + sleds +  trips to the park + cafes + stores and I just LOVE getting alone with my little boy. He is such a sweet one. I cut his hair the other day and all of his ringlets disappeared to my horror, but the next day they were back! Which is totally off topic, but I'm just thinking about time with him and how much I'm loving it and him and I had to go there :)

I'm writing this to remind myself and maybe anyone else out there dealing with it too - Lily being in daycare, even though I'm completely capable of caring for her at home, is so amazing for my other child. And mommy guilt can take that!


  1. SO glad Em!!! We also want a big family too, which is why I remind myself each day that I need to make my time with Pen special, since she'll be the "big sister" one day to a gaggle of kids...Lord willing. I want her to have my focus and attention for this short period as an only and very doted upon child!

  2. Love that Lily enjoys daycare and Oli is getting some precious time w you! Enjoy it Em ;)

  3. Maggie17.1.13

    Daycare is so good for you and Oli but also for Lily too! Think of everything she's learning there! Independence, socialization, the concept that "Mommy is coming back", self management. I think a lot of those things are underrated sometimes! (In my class, one of my little friends had never been to English school and had never had to share, socialize, or clean up after himself...yikes!) So happy for all of you!