health-ified cinnamon buns

This morning I woke up with a super stuffy nosy and the temperature dropped nearly ten degrees last night to boot. So obviously I was in the mood for some comfort food (read: baking). I was out of chocolate chips (which almost NEVER happens) and didn't want to make scones for fear of too much daily making my cold worse. Then I remembered this old recipe. Originally from All Recipes and introduced to me by my friend Loni, then healthified ever so slightly by me. You can see the changes I made and compare then to the original recipe if you like. Or just go bake them this instant. Doctor's orders :)

After making the dough, roll it out into a large rectangle, and smear the butter/cinnamon/brown sugar mixture over it. It has to be the length of the rectangle (so every bun has filling) but not the width.

Roll it width-wise and even it out into one long roll of goodness.

Cut the roll into the size of buns you want. It makes a LOT. I have 12 in the Pyrex dish and then another 8 smaller ones in a deep dish pie pan

Into a buttered dish they go (or not, if you're being healthier), then covered again to rise s'more

Look. How. Perfect.
That's 15 minutes, at 400. Don't the flax and whole wheat grains look hearty?

Flip 'em over and top with icing if you know what's good for you

Plate licking optional.


  1. They look soo yummy!! I have been cooking more these days (normally my husband does it) and I am totally going to tackle this recipe!! How long does it need to sit to rise before you bake? And you did say covered when while it rises but also cover when bake? I don't have flax seed, Can I use just white & whole wheat flour? Or should I just buy flax seed??!!

    1. hey Christy, I'd cover for 15 min when it's still dough in the bowl, then 15 min after you've rolled it out and cut it (in your baking dish). Just use a tea towel to cover it. And definitely DO NOT cover while baking! you could use any combination of flours, I'm sure that would be delicious and maybe even a better texture to mine with flax. But I do love adding flax seed because it's good for me (unlike the icing, YUM)

  2. Thanks! I am having my husband pick up yeast & flax seed today so we will be having them sometime this weekend!! So excited since we normally eat the pillsbury ones which are definitely good don't get me wrong but I prefer making homemade so thanks again!