$5 holiday decor

Since we're going to Ontario this Christmas to visit our families there, we decided again putting up our big, faux Christmas tree. It's big and pretty and basically toddler eye candy so it will be missed but is probably for the best. I wanted to do some decorating for the holidays but didn't want to spend much money, especially since we won't be here for all of December.

After some collecting (branches from the local park, jars, slowly, from our fridge) I was ready to go except the tree branches I was dreaming up. Today during nap time I walked over to a little Christmas market down the street (what a perk of living in the city!) where they were selling trees of all sizes, wreaths, etc. I brought $10, hoping to spend less, but was a bit worried when their smallest wreath was $15. I asked about scraps of branches because I only needed a couple, and the guy was more than happy to give me a huge bushel for FIVE DOLLARS. I requested a mix of ceder and pine and he acted like I was doing him the favour! I guess that kind of stuff is chalked up to waste, unless you're like us and wanted to decorate sans tree.

here's what I came up with in the kitchen. ceder + vases/glasses = simple.

same with Brad's office (read: also our foyer) and the bathroom.

the living room and mantel are my favourite! the jars are all random sizes from our fridge (anyone recognize the Classico pasta sauce or apple sauce jars from their own fridge?), the fabric I got at a fabric swap, and the deer is a new ornament from V de V ($7.50)

the bookshelves are perfect for decorating because the kids can't reach them! 

after everything, there was still a TON leftover so I plopped it in a planter that was a roadside find. 

hope it all survives with the water I've given it and lasts til Christmas!
PS - some of our decorating for Christmas two years ago + last year


  1. Easy & Cheap Decoration: You just need red and green construction paper. you cut them in to strips and make loops with tape (or glue but I have found tape works better) and you make chain them together to make a fun Christmas colored chain. :) if that makes any sense.

  2. Love it Em! What a great cheap & easy idea!!