my love. 4 years in.

On October 18th, four years ago, I married my life love, Brad Morrice.

It was a crisp autumn day. We got married outside, even though we were freezing, because how can you not look over those colours? Guests enjoyed spiked hot apple cider and we enjoyed making out indecently in front of our grandmothers. A string quartet played me down the isle and rocked Sigur Ross during the ceremony. We served cornish hens because that's what we ate on our first official date, one year earlier.  Our wedding was in the morning and over by 4pm. There was no dance because that would have been awkward in the day light. Dancing is for nighttime. Everybody knows that. But the real reason? We wanted to get out of there! We wanted to be man and wife, without 200 of our nearest and dearest :)

Our honeymoon wasn't for a couple of days so we honeymooned in Niagara until then. Stayed at hotels, went to the Shaw Festival plays, walked arm in arm around Niagara on the Lake, and spend a lot of time being hermits. Newlywed hermitism is highly recommended.

Then we went to Mexico for a week, on what was probably our last vacation of that type (beaches, lounging, all inclusive), arrived back in Ontario, packed a U-HAUL, and drove to our new life in Montreal. The rest is history.

And by history, I mean:
2 homes
2 pregnancies
7 countries
2 babies
1 church plant
127835628 arguments
forgiving + reconciling 127835628 times
sanctification and mortification of the flesh
trials, tests, deeper trust, love, and passion
more friendship and partnership every year

I can't wait for the next 40!


  1. Beautiful photo! I love the colors of fall and I think it's awesome you stuck it out with chilly temps :) I <3 fall
    Happy Anniversary to you two! and what a great list of numbers...so many blessings to count!

  2. Happy Anniversary!

  3. Anonymous18.10.12

    Great post, Emily! Succinct and meaningful. Definitely agree with the recommendation for newlywed hermitism :)

  4. Happy 4th Anniversary to you both! Love your history count :)

  5. Happy anniversary! You have done a lot in 4 years!

  6. Happy Anniversary!

  7. i loved this. LOVED!!!

  8. i.love.this. SO great!! thanks for sharing!