• I love home made bread, limiting TV, and mommy blogging, but I have THREE jobs and they're not that. Highly encouraging post to all us of Moms about chilling out :)
  • Why giving 5% (instead of 100%) sucks.
  • this little girl's room? GOSH.
  • I really want to read this book and grow in my love + relationships with my neighbours. Halloween is just around the corner and a great opportunity for those who live in an area that has trick-or-treating (sadly, we don't). 
  • On lying to our kids (I do it!) and beginning the adoption discussion with your children. A great post covering a couple very interesting topics.
  • Paint wars with kids dressed in white is such a fun idea for a family photo!


  1. Hey Em, How do you know that your neighbourhood doesn't have trick or treating?

    1. most downtown areas do not. I know most of our neighbours do not have kids and all the ones I've talked to have never given out candy before. when population density is so high and there are so few kids, it's generally not done - and more over not safe to go knocking on stranger's doors at night :S