why i love open cabinets

Every home I've lived in for the last 5 years (read: my whole adult life) has had open cabinets. It's more than as aesthetic though. Yes, I love the look. Period. I could end it all there because it really is the style I prefer. But open cabinets have really been symbolic too.

I think they say a lot.

We love to eat here. Meals are important to us. Don't you find your relationships seem to go to the next level when you've shared a meal? (or cried together, or shared details of life, or learned each other's parents names!)

I love to cook and bake. It's seriously a hobby and past time as well as a necessity. One of my favourite things to do with Brad or friends and family is be in the kitchen. Making something. Together.

We aim to practice hospitality in our home. Come on over. I can't promise a clean floor, but you'll know where the dishes and glasses are. Help yourself to anything! (sidenote: this really works! guests are far more likely, I've learned, to help themselves to a glass of water when they can see the water glasses)

Time is important. Open shelving makes putting the dishes away as well as cooking + baking more efficient. It's faster to grab and go whether you're preparing a meal or taking a snack to the living room while you watch Downton Abbey. Which never happens. We only watch the News and eat at the dining room table. Ha. Kidding

So yes, I love open cabinets. Because of the look, and really, a lot more. And you know what? It's really easy! Just pick a few cabinets and take their doors off! Our old house didn't even have doors, but for this house we chose certain cabinets (read: the ones with most use) and took the doors off right away. One day I'd love to have some floating shelves for my dishes, but for now open cabinets work really well too :)


  1. I have loved this look for life, and am looking forward to implementing it when Sami & I have our home. Woot.

    also, Downton Abbey is BOMB!

  2. I love open cabinets too! We are going to add some to our kitchen and I cannot wait! I love the things you mentioned as what they communicate :) and it makes me wish I had bought more colorful dishes ;)