So you've noticed by now that I'm back to posting these random posts with links to my favourite blog reads of the week, yes? I've had a couple of questions about them since I got back into writing them with regularity, so I'll answer them here.

What is Mélange?
It's a French word for mix, combination, assortment, etc. Which is basically what these posts are.
My friend Sarah started naming her similar posts On My Bedside Table (brilliant) and it inspired me to find a cohesive name too, since up until now I'd call these posts something different every time.

How do you write these posts?
I always have an unpublished post open and as I find inspiring posts I slowly add them. It takes a good week to have enough posts for one mélange post (around 5-10 links). Not that the interwebs aren't FULL of amazing stuff, but because I try to have a real mix of links and not repeat the same blogs too often (though, obvi, I have my favourites).

Can you mention me in a mélange post?
This question surprised me! Normally I find the links all on my own as I read the blogs on my Google Reader throughout the week. But if you've written something you think I might like feel free to send it to me. I won't post anything that I wouldn't choose in my own readings though!

Hope that helps! Now, onto this week's mélange post...
  • Play house in a city backyard (read: small backyard) that is making me drool. 
  • Do you have a drinking problem? Expensive coffee, that is. Me too. Read my friend's action plan to ease off the juice while maintaining a deserved trip to the local cafe once in a while...
  • My friend Deb is a cupcake genius, not to mention talented photographer. Look at these Starbucks Seasonal Latte-inspired cupcakes she recently made. 
Deb is Thinking
  • Dark purple, blue, green, and silver? Refreshing Fall choice for decor! I love me some rusty orange, but this is unique and lovely and still screams Autumn! Might try to do something similar on our porch when we get home.
  • I don't watch a lot of TV and only read pop culture magazines in waiting rooms, but this blog has me addicted. Viewing Hollywood through the lens of a toddler? Hilarious.
  • I love everything about this fireplace. But would I have the courage to stencil ours?
East Coast Creative

  • I've been wearing moccasins as my sole flat shoe since 2007, but if I ever wore ballet flats I would definitely do this quick DIY to make them more unique. So cute!
  • Snack time! must.try.soon


  1. Really glad you enjoyed my post about breaking up with my coffee shops. It has not been easy, and it's only been like two days! But if my pain can somehow inspire others... ;) #firstworldproblems

    I just love that you wear moccasins. I have ALWAYS wanted to and I think they would be the perfect dry weather day flat for me as I am a committed flats wearer but could use some new styles. Don't know if going into the rainy season is the best time for me to find some but if you ever wanted to do a post about them - favourite brands, where you buy them, what you wear them with - I could use the help before I leave my ballet flats behind.

    1. Hey Sar, I'd love to share my moc tips with you but one thing I think my blog will never be is a fashion blog, so I'll keep it between us in the comments. Something about blogging about fashion makes me feel like I'm "faking". Not because I don't like clothes and shopping (I just got a new outfit today - Brad's way of consoling me over some recent bad news - LOVE), just because I feel weird about it. DIYs and cloth diapers are so ME every day, whereas fashion is only me 1/10 of the time, you know?

      Anyhow, moccasins. my shoe of choice, basically forever. I chose them because ballet flats often left me with blisters and as I'm pushing 6 feet, flats have always seemed the only logical option. Not entirely because I've always dated (and ended up marrying) guys shorter than me, but partly. Also for comfort, and because I'm very casual.

      I wear Minnetonkas - I got one pair and paid full price (At a Montreal shoe store called Little burgundy), found one pair for $30 at T J Maxx while here in NYC (check Winners), one pair of non Minnetonka ankle boots in turquoise from Target in Louisville, KY ($16.99), and my mom got me a pair of tall black moccasin boots last Christmas that she found at a closing down sale of some shoe store.

      I LOVE the brand. The shoe is quality (I've worn them in wet, though not raining, weather and my feet stayed dry because the sole is rubber and not chintzy. I wear them from April-October and find they go with everything. I have a dark purple pair and then a classic brown pair. Love them all!

  2. sole flat shoe - pun intended?! (sole as in the bottom of a shoe :)

    1. um. AMAZING. i didn't mean for that to happen but I love that you caught it!