Manhattan home tour

After a good week of nesting, our little bachelor pad of an apartment, complete with black-everything and sexy mood lighting, feels like home. Not home as I would have it, but most of what it's missing is material. Home as in, it houses our family, protects us from the elements and danger, is a place where we share laughs and meals and cuddles and sleeps. And that's enough.

I miss our bright and cheery Montreal home, but this has become home for us in Manhattan. Thanks to candles, cooking and baking, and kids toys everywhere, it feels like ours.  Enjoy the tour :)

our bedroom
the view straight out the window
view to the right
view to the left
living room. note the sexy art... yikes.
more living room, more sexy art. doors into our bedroom.
view of the kitchen from the living room. this is where I blog :)
view of the kitchen. super thankful for the washer/dryer.
meant we could cloth diaper here and save some much needed bucks!
mood lighting everywhere. on a sunny day it's alright, but on a cloudy day, I can't hang out here for long. too dark!
fancy pants bathroom. the kids love/hate bathing in the shower. it really depends on the day.
the kids room.
there is a double bed under Oli's crib, but we rolled back the mattress to fit him!
we couldn't fit two pack-n-plays in this room otherwise, but it's perfect for them.
all they need, really :)


  1. So fun to see where you're staying, Em! Looks like a great place, perfect for your time there.

  2. looks lovely...but those sexy pics just scare me..especially the cartoon lady. It's funny how the decor is basically the opposite of your home! but you seem to be making it your "own"...and gotta love a dishwasher and washing machine!

  3. Looks lovely Em! Wish I could come visit in person, but this'll do for now :)

  4. Sharon18.9.12

    It's an interesting apartment.. not in the style of most of the people I know. But to each their own, right? I'm surprised that you guys didn't choose to take down the art for the month. I don't think I'd want to look at it every day for a month..!