a great birthday present in NYC

I've been telling my family for the last several birthdays and Christmases  "Easy on the gifts!". We have more than enough and don't need anything. Which, this year, was half true. We do have more than enough. My birthday is in a couple weeks and I didn't want my parents to go overboard (they are very generous and like me, love gift-giving). But this year, I did need something. I'm in Manhattan, essentially alone. I support my husband's work as a church planter 100%, but it's harder here (the long days, the evening functions, the full Sundays) than in Montreal, because in NYC I don't have any friends, anyone to babysit my kids for free (I know, we're spoiled in Montreal!), anyone to have play dates with, anyone to help out. I'm pretty lonely, and my hands are fairly full at the moment. I needed them.

My dad used his one weekend off for the month (he's a shift worker and rarely has Sat-Sun off), my mom took Friday and Monday without pay, and they drove the 7.5 hours to NYC. Best.Present.Ever. Of course they also brought dinner, paid for take out, and cooked for me (during their 3 nights here), and were an enormous help with the babies. Glorious! Here's some pics from our whirlwind visit:

we went on a 3 hour tour around Manhattan Island and got super close to this lovely lady
Brooklyn Bridge, in the background is the New World Trade Centre
There are ads for this new show all over Manhattan. Dad thought he'd fit right in!
Grandma, Oli, Grandpa, Lily (who by the way STILL loves the carrier!)
view from Central Park
Central Park definitely makes up for city kids not having back yards!
Oli and my parents at the Stock Exchange (closed on Sundays, obvi)
It was a great visit! I'll probably add more pics as I see my mom post them on facebook, and steal them :) Brad worked basically all weekend (his day off is Wednesday) and was indirectly blessed by my parent's visit since I was so occupied and helped and loved. But the weekend sure was a whirlwind. Our first day we walked from the Upper West Side to TIMES SQUARE (4 hours total). It was crazy and exhausting and great. When Grandma and Grandpa left the kids promptly took a 3 hour nap and me and Brad spent some much needed alone time that night. Happy early-birthday to me! Thanks Mom and Dad! xoxo


  1. Love this - so glad they could make it down to help you out!

    question: how do you make your photos look like that with the labels etc? it's so clean, i love the look!

    1. first I always always always make my photos Extra Large. When you first add a photo there is the option to do small, med, large, extra large, or original size. go big! then the labels are actually captions (also an option when you choose your size).

  2. i'm sure they loved changing their schedules for you! such a blessing to have such giving parents...mine are the same way, i feel SO blessed! love these pics...such a fun city!

  3. Awe, what a special visit! Looks like you got to see some great sights and enjoy their help too!

  4. So nice! My mother-in-law comes to visit in 2 weeks. I can't wait. I am in the exact same situation as you - new in town and completely on my own while my husband works long hours that include weekends. It doesn't seem like it could be so exhausting but it really is. Maybe we should get together. I'm only 30 min north of Grand Central Station on the Harlem Line (we live in Bronxville).