home sick on "Canadian Day"

::: For the 20% of my readers who aren't Canadian... I'm sorry. This post may not interest you in the least :::

To my fellow Canadians,

 Yes, I know it's not Canadian day, but that's what we were wished this morning at church by some new friends. 
Hey, we were just tickled that someone said something. 
Someone knew, down here in Kentucky, that this was our day. It was a happy blessing when you feel like a constant outsider - even though you look like you fit right in (and I may have said y'all once or twice to trick them further...)

Cuter still, a car with two old ladies in it asked us to roll down our window at a red light on the drive home...
I was preparing to say my usual: "Sorry, I'm not from here..." when she said in the sweetest, most Southern, old lady voice,
"Happy Canada Day to you!"

We smiled the whole way home. 
She saw our Quebec lisence plates and knew what day it was. Our day! 
You see, when you spend most every summer in the USA, it's really nice and oddly comforting to have someone, anyone, wish you a Happy Canada Day on July 1st. 

Last night I looked at the pictures from our Life Made Lovely home tour and got a little homesick. Today, much more so, being Canada Day and all. I'm so thankful that we can be down here in Kentucky, and Brad can already be half way through a 4 year Master's Program after just two summers (yes, he's working day and night!), but it hasn't come at cost. And sense of home is a cost we've counted. 

We are still here another 3-4 weeks, so I can't let myself get too home-minded, but just today it's really hitting me. 
I miss our non-air conditioned nest on the Plateau.
I miss Montreal and all it's eclectic, political glory.
I miss Quebec and it's culture, beauty, and language.
I miss Canada and her beautiful free lands that I call home.

How are you/did you celebrate Canada Day?
I hope well.

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  1. Anonymous1.7.12

    Emily - I know the feeling - we are usually here in Plattsburgh, which is only 75 miles from Montreal and few if any of our buddies realize it is Canada Day - they are very busy getting ready to celebrate the 4th of July which we enjoy as well, however, Canada Day is still near and dear to our hearts.