for our lonely island

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Ever since we re-finished our IKEA kitchen island, we've been thinking about stools for it. But they were often put on the back burner (no spare cash to buy them, no time to really search out what we wanted, no ability to ship what we did want, etc). 

But in recent weeks I've allowed myself the time to wander around pinterest and online shipping sites here in the US and I think I've found the perfect stools! The bonus in the US is not only the variety (way more stores, way better deals, compared to Canada), but that shipping is generally free or really cheap.

Our kitchen is pretty large (by city standards) so adding two stools won't press us for space much, but we still wanted minimalist stools to not crowd the room. You know how a lot of furniture can just make a room look full even if there's plenty of extra space? At least I think so. So minimal stools it was. Meaning small-ish, one colour, one material, and no back so they can tuck right under the island if need be. 

It didn't take me long to know I was in love with the tabouret silver 24 inch counter top stools. I mean, check them out in these kitchens (just for fun, the middle two images are basically of my dream kitchen)...

But could I afford them? 
Usually my taste is expensive, and then I need to wrack my brain and creative abilities to re-create or DIY something more within my budget. Not this time. A pair of the Tabouret stools (dead ringers for the Tolix stools used in the last 3 images) on overstock.com is only $74.99. 
Did you catch that? $75 for TWO stools. 
Less than $40 a pop. 
Which makes them shockingly cheaper than almost every option at IKEA 
(which you know we love, but usually isn't synonymous with long-lasting durability) 
And of course, free shipping.

So I ordered them! 
So excited to see them in my kitchen when we're finally home.
You're probably wondering how we're getting them home. 
Don't worry we've thought of that. Me and the kids will be leaving a couple of days ahead of Brad. My dad is driving all the way to Louisville to get us! (sidenote: can't wait for a roadtrip with him!) So we'll pack most everything + the kids into his car, and then have our car with no car seats in the back for the stools. That will get the stools to my parents house at least... only 7 hours away from Montreal. We'll figure out the rest later :)


  1. They look so cool, I'm sure they will look great in your kitchen! I know what you mean about free or cheap shipping in the States. I wish I could spend a few weeks there and get a million things shipped. :)

  2. I love that style of stool too! I have also had my eye on a pair with backs. I'm glad you mentioned overstock.com. I will be sure to check there when we're ready to buy our stools and maybe you can let me know how to quality of your stools turns out?!


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