look at them now.

Lily and Oli have become thick as thieves in the recent months. 
It's so special to watch them bonding as brother and sister. 
So encouraging to see the light after Lily's initial reaction to her brother. 
Biting, scratching, hitting. Pure jealousy. 

And it lasted a while. 
But look at them now. 
I wish Oli's face wasn't blurry but you get the idea - they're so happy together. 
Toys have all become second rate to playing with each other, and no one can make Oli laugh like Lily.

Their budding (and now soaring) relationship is something I want to remember when we bring home our adopted child(ren). 
I'm expecting a hard transition. 
I'm expecting jealousy. 
I'm expecting confusion and tantrums. 
I'm not expecting an immediate bond, because my biological kids didn't have that either.

But look at them now.


  1. Look at those beautiful babes!

  2. Anonymous7.6.12

    so have you officially begun the adoption process?

    1. No, not yet. we'll be gone most of the summer and then again for all of September, so probably not until we're more settled, in October. We planned to start in August, but we want to be HOME for a while when we start this, especially if they need to go home visits, etc.

  3. Bono8.6.12

    I am SO thrilled to see this!
    Love them babies!

    Lily in stripes is where it's at.

  4. I LOVE this pic! Lily has grown sooo much! And its wild that I still haven't met Oli :( Hopefully soon!